Fitness gains and why the scale is not the whole story…..

Hi / As salamu alaikum everyone!

Okay I was busy celebrating Eid and the exhaustion of just finishing 30 days of fasting in general.  I had 8 days off because women do not pray or fast when they are menstruating, so I joined the fast again during the last 8 days of Ramadhan. This is the most exhausting part of Ramadhan because it is the best time of the year to supplicate. There are many verses in the Qur’an telling us about the importance of prayer in the last third of the night and the night of decree, which is from amongst the odd nights in the last 10 days of Ramadhan. Many Muslims take the last 10 days or Ramadhan off (or a portion of them) from work, so they can focus on this.  That being said, I was obviously exhausted and my sleeping pattern is now way off which is completely upsetting my daily activities. However, I feel much better today and will get on with it tomorrow, starting with a cardio round insha Allah.

There is a lifestyle change that I think has been saving me. I keep an exercise ball in the living room and make sure I spend a significant amount of my sitting time on it when I am watching anything or browsing the net. The result is I do end up doing planks and push-ups in the middle of what I am watching and the fact that you need to stabilise yourself on it is also a mini workout for my core. It isn’t a cardio workout by any stretch of the imagination, but I am usually a little sore the day after.

Tatianna’s stress on not over training and giving the body time to heal/rest has ensured that I have major strength gains. I can now hold a plank on my elbows, I can also lift up my leg and bring the knee up to the elbow during the plank. My push ups are now good. They are not super deep but now I have 1/3 to 1/2 of the movement done. Remember it was just a TINY movement 3 weeks ago!

Weight and Measurements:

The last time I took my weight and measurements was on the 26th of June (The day I started training seriously and freaked out two weeks later ).  I weighed myself a few days ago and I weighed exactly the same! 12 stone 11 pounds (179 pounds). Not a single pound was lost! Then last  night I noticed that a roll of fat from my back was gone and also my upper abs and waist feel smaller when I place my hands on them! I decided to get the whole story, so I got my tape measure out this evening and look at the difference:

———————–  26th June 2012 —————– 22nd August 2012    {Measurements in inches}

Arms                  14.5 (didn’t do both arms)              13 (R)   14 (L)

Upper Arms   Didn’t take this measurement         14 (R)   14.5 (L)

Wrist                                  6.75                                          6.5

Shoulders                         43.5                                           42

Bust                                     40                                             38

Upper Abs                      36.75                                        32.5

Waist                                 41                                              40

Lower Abs                        44                                            41.2

Hips                                 44.25                                        42.6

Thighs                              40.5                                         38.6

Bra size                           40DD                                       34FF

I have  lost a total of 16.3 inches, my bra size has gone down by 6 inches! My mid-section has lost as total of  8.1 inches!

I used to complain (10 years ago) that no matter how hard I trained my belly lost weight last. Looking at these measurements, my mid-section lost half of the total inches lost. What is different? Well this time, I have been more ready to do exercises that are not girly and build a solid core. Push ups, dips, pull ups (which I can’t do yet but I am working on), stability exercises like push ups off a ball, planks off an exercise ball, ab-wheel crunches. I am also more focused on intensity rather than duration. When  I researched exercise this time I found out that fitness is built on intensity not duration.  Diet is another thing. I already cleaned up my eating habits and now that I am training, I am getting even better with them. 10 years ago I was young and couldn’t curb my cravings as easily.

10 years ago, I was one of the people in the gym who got stuck at 11 stones 6 pounds (160 pounds), I was around 11 stone 2 (156 pounds) when not on the water retention stage of the monthly cycle). My body changed, my clothes got smaller, but my weight didn’t drop below this. I guess watching The Biggest Looser, I was beginning to cook up a fantasy about becoming 10 stones (140 pounds). I realise now that I can no longer have a goal weight because I don’t know what my body will decide to weigh! I will just weigh to have it on record. I  have to find a new goal, I am thinking of dress size 12 (US size 8), but I do want the 12 to be a loose, comfortable fit.  If anyone else out there has the same issue I hope this helps you. You cannot trust the scale, it isn’t the whole story!

I am having anxiety issues about loosing my boobs. I got used to being a full cup size. I am seriously now only hoping that I don’t drop below a single D cup when I get to my goal of 18% body fat.  I have never even been a single cup size before. Urrggghhh!  I even messaged Tatianna about it and she was so supportive. It is nice to have some sort of comradely because it seems that you either keep the boobs or get fit.



One thought on “Fitness gains and why the scale is not the whole story…..

  1. Ohh here we go, I was able to sign in with facebook 🙂

    I am so happy about your progress sweetie, this is so cool that you shared this.

    I actually did lose 2 sizes in my boobs :(, I miss them so much, but I know it’s either a super fit me with a nice butt or not so fit me with boobs, I chose the first option 🙂

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